Champions of Justice

We gratefully acknowledge the caring and generous support of our friends in the community. The following gifts were received during the period November 1, 2013 through October 31, 2014

Donors over $25,000

The Sassafrass Foundation

Donors of $10,000 to $25,000

William and Jean Graustein

JANA Foundation

Donors of $5,000 to $9,999

Attorney Beverly J. Hodgson and Dr. John M. Leventhal

Mr. Robert F. Wechsler and Ms. Emily Aber

Donors of $2,500 to $4,999

Brenner, Saltzman & Wallman
Attorney John Bozzi and Dr. Catharine Arnold
Murtha Cullina LLP
Professor Jerry L. Mashaw and Ms. Anne U. MacClintock

Neubert, Pepe & Monteith, P.C.
New Haven County Bar Association
Attorney Dorothy K. Robinson
Mr. Michael C. Ruotolo and Ms. Kathleen M. Ruotolo

Donors of $1,000 to $2,499

Attorney Daniel W. Adelman
The Honorable Stuart Bear
Attorney Burton B. Cohen and Mrs. Annie E. Cohen
Ms. Alice Colonna
Cooper, Whitney, & Francois
Attorney Francis X. Dineen and Mrs. Renee Dineen
Lawrence J. Fox
Ethel and Abe/Lapides Foundation, Incorporated
Attorney James Horwitz and Ms. Sandra L. Allison
Attorney Patricia Kaplan and Mr. Ian F. Scott

Professor David S. King
Attorney Barbara G. Lifton
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Attorney Bruce Morrison
Attorney J.L. Pottenger and Ms. Susan H. Wharfe
Sheehan & Reeve
The Honorable Joseph M. Shortall
Ben and Audrey Solnit
Attorney Elizabeth Yen

Donors of $500 to $999

Mr. Jeffrey Alexander and Morel Morton
Attorney Jack M. Balkin
Penelope I. Bellamy
Attorney Marvin Bellis
Mr. Carlton Highsmith and Mrs. Letamarie Highsmith
Ms. Miriam Berkman and Mr. Brett Hill
The Honorable Guido and Anne Calabresi
Michael G. Caldwell
Mr. John F. Clark and Ms. Ellen Andrews
Attorney William H. Clendenen, Jr.
Attorney Karen Clute
Connecticut Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Assc
The Honorable Thomas Corradino
Davis O’Sullvan & Priest, LLC
Prof. Drew S. Days and Ms. Ann Langdon
Mr. John Doody and Attorney Mildred Doody
Attorney Joseph M. Dudra
Joel T. Faxon
Professor James Forman
Attorney Jonathan M. Freiman
Mr. Martin P. Gent and Mrs. Janneane Gent
Mr. Thadd Gnocchi and Mrs. Lyudmila Gnocchi
Attorney John W. Hogan
Ms. Caroline Jacobs and Mr. Richard Jacobs
The Honorable James and Margaret Kenefick
The Honorable Linda K. Lager

Attorney Anika S. Lemar
Jonathan and Amy Macey
Attorney Margaret P. Mason, Esq.
Attorney Edward L. Mattison and Mrs. Alice Mattison
Mrs. Field Cooper McIntyre
Professor Alexander M. Meiklejohn
Attorney David A. Reif and Barbara Reif
Reid & Riege, P.C.
Professor William M. Reisman
Attorney David Rosen and Attorney Barbara Goren
Rubin, Eldrich & Marlow
Attorney Sarah F. Russell
Attorney Katherine B. Sacks and Mr. Joseph Huether
Attorney Penny Q. Seaman and Mr. James Seaman
Silverstein & Osach, P.C.
Attorney Mark G. Sklarz
Attorney William D. Stempel and Ms. Dorthea A. Lindbeck
The Honorable Jonathan Silbert and Ms. Mary McHale
Professor Kate Stith-Cabranes
Cynthia D. Teixeira
Mr. Steve Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. G. Harold Welch, Jr.
Attorney Shelley White
Stephen Wizner

Donors of $250 to $499

Associate Professor Melanie B. Abbott
Professor Bruce Ackerman and Professor Susan Rose-Ackerman
The Honorable Jon Alander and Mrs. Cynthia Alander
Attorney Lisa Arpaia
Mr. F. C. Arterton and Judge Janet Bond Arterton
Attorney Cecily E. Baskir
Attorney Richard G. Bell
Attorney Timothy W. Bingham and Mrs. Susan A. Bingham
Mr. Paul S. Bird and Ms. Amy Parsons
John H. Blume
Attorney Raymond Bower
Attorney Susan J. Bryson
Attorney John F. Buckley, Jr.
Attorney Richard W. Callahan
Dr. Scott E. Casper and Mrs. Carly Casper
Attorney Robert J. Chomiak, Jr.
Attorney Francis P. Cipriano
Connecticut Law Book Company
Connie Condon
Attorney Peter B. Cooper and Mrs. Diana S. Cooper
The Honorable Juliett L. Crawford
Peter Curley
Mr. Robert A. Dahl and Mrs. Ann S. Dahl
William Damsky
Josh Dawidowicz
Attorney Theresa R. DeGray
Attorney William F. Dow III
Paul Drolet
Attorney Robert J. Engelman
Mr. Joseph C. Evans and Ms. Kristine DiMartino
Faxon Law Group
Attorney Connie Frontis
Joseph Garrison
Kel Ginsberg
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Geballe
Attorney Gilson and Mr. Cogen
Attorney Susan E. Godshall
Anne Goldstein
Judge Jane K. Grossman and Mr. Jonathan E. Kupson
Attorney Ira B. Grudberg and Ms. Margie Grudberg
Mr. Adam Grumbach
Judith Hoberman
Attorney Sung-Ho Hwang
Attorney Richard L. Jacob and Mrs. Caroline M. Jacob
Clarance Jones

Attorney Barbara H. Katz and Attorney Ivan Katz
Attorney Ted Kennedy, Jr.
Attorney Seth Klaskin
Sandy F. Klebanoff
Attorney Roger M. Klinger
Attorney Andrew S. Knott
Attorney Carolyn W. Kone
Attorney Joseph C. Lee and Mrs. Mary C. Lee
David M.Lesser
Attorney Whitney Lewendon
Ingi Mai Loorand
Mr. Henry Lord
Attorney Geraldine A. Lupoli
Ms. Jill E. Martin
Attorney Jane I. Milas
The Honorable John W. Moran
Murphy, Murphy, & Nugent
Anthony Nuzzo 
The New Haven Investment Fund LLC
Ms. Lauren Ongley
Attorney Barbara O’Brien and Christopher R. Udry
Attorney Shawn L. O’Sullivan
Elise O. Parker
James and Lena Parker
Attorney Bonnie L. Patten and Attorney George Brencher
Attorney Bruce R. Peabody
Mrs. Alice E. Poole
Attorney Harold J. Rose
Attorney Kenneth K. Rosenthal and Ms. Catherine R. Forman
The Honorable Janet C. Hall and Attorney David R. Schaefer
Allyx Schiavone
Attorney Erin Shaffer
Shedd & Hoberman
Attorney Marjorie Shansky
Cindy and Mark Slane
Attorney Alexis Smith
Dr. Steven Wolfson and Dr. Elsa Stone
Sara and W. Fred Thal
Attorney Stanley A. Twardy
Attorney and Mrs. Marc A. Wallman
Mr. Nicholas Weber and Mrs. Katharine Weber
Patricia Wigglesworth
Professor Mike Wishnie and Ms. Cathy Edwards
Attorney Martin Zeldis
Dr. and Mrs. Howard V. Zonana

Donors of $100 to $249

Attorney Elizabeth K. Acee
Ms. Vicki Acker
Attorney Amy Appler-Epstein
Mr. Peter Arakas and Ms. Karen Kellerman
Attorney Hillel J. Auerbach and Mrs. Sara Ann Auerbach
The Honorable Sandra S. Baird
Ms. Jane M. Baljevic
Attorney Jon Bauer and Attorney Alice Bauer
Attorney Carol O. Behrman
Attorney Mary Ann Bellezza
Delora Bennett
Victor and Susan Bers
Attorney Alexandra K. Block
Charles & Boni-Vendola, LLC
Attorney Corrine A. Boni-Vendola
Kenneth and Laurie Burke
The Honorable and Mrs. Robert P. Burns
The Honorable Ellen B. Burns
The Honorable Jose A. Cabranes
Gregory S. Campora
Caplan & Hecht LLC
Dr. Michael Caplan and Dr. Joanne Burger
Attorney Randall B. Chapnick
Attorney James M. Chase and Mrs. Joyce Chase
Attorney Jenny Chou
Attorney Bernard Christianson
Laura and Wayne Clark
Attorney Frank B. Cochran and Ms. Stephanie M. Fitzgerald
Attorney Jamie E. Cohen
Attorney Kathleen M. Conway
Mr. James N. Cooper
Attorney Thomas E. Crosby
Attorney Joseph D. Crowley and Mrs. Phyllis Crowley
Attorney Frederick W. Danforth
Ms. Kathleen Daniels
Kellyann Day
Attorney Jennifer M. DelMonico
Floman DePaola
Will and Shari DeVane
Mrs. Margaret P. DeVane
The Honorable Edward J. Dolan
Mrs. Eileen Dubois
Attorney Christopher Y. Duby
Attorney Thomas J. Dufour
Mr. Jerry Dunklee
Noah Eisenhandler, Esq.
Frank and Mrs. Estes
Attorney Howard Fetner
James A. Flynn
Attorney Stephen Fontana
Ms. Kate Frank
Amos Friedland
Attorney Frost and Ms. Frost
Ms. Tania Galloni
Attorney Susan E. Garcia Nofi
Ms. Barbara Geller
Ellen Gesmer
James R. Gill
Attorney William D. Goddard
Attorney Sonja Goldstein

Ms. Carolyn E. Gontarski
Attorney Frank M. Grazioso and Mrs. Mary Grazioso
Attorney James R. Greenfield and Joyce Greenfield
The Honorable F. Herbert Gruendel
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Hanchuruck
Helping Hands – Community Thrift Store & Furniture Bank
Jay and Marjorie Hirshfield
Dr. Robert A. Horwitz and Mrs. Carla M. Horwitz
Attorney Charisse Hutton
Mrs. Lucie H. Iannotti and Attorney Lawrence W. Iannotti
Attorney Elizabeth M. Inkster
Norman and Jacqueline Janes
Professor Quintin Johnstone
Attorney Tracy C. Kammerer
Attorney John H. Kelley
Mrs. Ruth Koizim
Michael P. Koskoff
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Larson
Ms. Sylvia Lavietes
Attorney David Leff
Attorney Donna R. Levine, Esq.
Senator Martin M. Looney
Attorney Anne U. MacClintock
Attorney Amy Marx
Professor Harry Mazadoorian
Mr. Edward T. McMahon
Stephen Milazzo
Attorney Alice S. Miskimin
Attorney Robin C. Murphy
Mr. William D. Nordhaus and Mrs. Barbara F. Nordhaus
Attorney Frederick M. O’Brien
Dr. Dorothy Otnow Lewis
Attorney John M. Parese and Mrs. Lyn Parese
Ms. Halina Platt and Mr. Thomas S. Platt
Attorney Diane Polan
Bennett Pudlin
Attorney Karen I. Redlich
Prof. Judith Resnik
Attorney Joseph Rini
Diane Daskal Ruben
Attorney William M. Rubenstein and Ms. Judith Eisenberg
Ms. Joanne Saccio
Attorney Ellen Scalettar and Dr. Robert Scalettar
Attorney Nathan Schatz
Attorney Robert N. Schmalz
Mrs. Kirsten Schoenberger
Dr. Marc D. Schwartz and Mrs. Anne Schwartz
Attorney Lea Shedd
Ms. Anne Sommer and Mr. David Rabinowitz
Dr. Sydney Spiesel and Mrs. Christina Spiesel
Stanley and Jane Tamarkin
Professor James A. Trowbridge
The Honorable Christine S. Vertefeuille
Mr. Barry Vine and Mrs. Hyla Vine
Attorney Marc Vallen and Attorney Erica L. Wardle
Attorney Stuart G. Warner
Attorney David J. Weil and Ms. Mary R. Cahalane
Attorney Harry J. Wexler and Joan Wexler
Attorney James C. Whitney and Elizabeth Whitney
John Williams

Donors of $1 to $99

Ms. Susan E. Addiss
Attorney Dennis P. Anderson
Dr. Ronald Angoff and Dr. Nancy Angoff
Mrs. Donna Aurora
Attorney Robert A. Axelrod and Mrs. Katrina Axelrod
Jane Ballerini
Mrs. Muriel Banquer
Attorney William C. Baskin and Mrs. Judith A. Baskin
Jane and Christopher Beddall
Mr. Henry Berliner and Ms. Mickey Kavanagh
Jerome and Bella Berson
Attorney Robert E. Bienstock
Attorney Cynthia C. Bott
Dermott M. Breen
Mr. Richard Carroll and Ms. Barbara Roach
Mrs. Carmelina M. Carta
Charlesworth Law Office
Attorney Ti Chen
Thomas Clauss
Gloria Cohen
Dr. James P. Comer
The Honorable Barbara A. Coppeto
James Cott
Ms. Diane Cover
Jennifer Davies
Attorney Michael Dearington
Attorney Morton J. Dimenstein
James A. Douglas
Ms. Bette Ellsworth
Dr. Len Farber and Mrs. Stephanie Farber
Attorney Louis M. Federici, Jr.
Ms. Kathryn Feidelson
Dr. Julian Ferholt and Mrs. Deborah Ferholt
Attorney Craig Fishbein
Professor Owen Fiss and Mrs. Irene Owen
Kathleen Flaherty
Attorney Michael P. Foley, Jr.
Ms. Jane Frankes
Suzanne Frisch
Attorney Joanne Gibau
Kathleen I. Gilloran
Anne Goico
Mr. Josh Goldstein and Ms. Beth Gurney

Attorney Robert T. Gradoville
Joseph Grasso
Sourav Guha
Robert and Joan Handschumacher
Mrs. Hilda Horowitz
Dr. Arnold Hyman and Mrs. Gertrude Hyman
The Honorable Burton A. Kaplan
Elizabeth K. Keenan
Attorney Gregory P. Kinsella
Attorney Robert J. Klee
Ed Konowitz
Ms. Sandra Koorejian and Mr. Kirk A. Springsted
Attorney Raymond P. Kosinski
Attorney Elizabeth Koskoff
Attorney Marcy Kossar
Attorney Michael A. Lavorgna
Attorney Molly S. LeVan
Ruth Magraw
Attorney Adam Mantzaris
Drew McDermott
Mrs. Susan Mingione
Attorney Joseph J. Packtor
Audrey and Raymond Piccerillo
Raphael L. Podolsky
Attorney Renee Redman
Sheldon M. Rhinehart
Mrs. Lucille Ritvo and x
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Saccio
Dr. and Dr. Sanford J. Schreiber
Dr. and Ms. Arnold Serow
Denise Sidera
Martha J. Sullivan
Professor Sheila Taub and Dr. Arthur Taub
Attorney Tom Ullmann and Mrs. Diana Pacetta-Ullmann
Attorney Traci Valery
Maria Velez
Jamie A. Wallack
Ms. Marrianne Wells and Mr. Bill O’Connor
Attorney Howard J. Wicker
Ms. Sandra M. Wilmore
Dr. Marvin P. Zimmerman and Mrs. Beverly Zimmerman
Attorney and Mrs. Jeremy G. Zimmermann
Attorney Norman Zolot
Mr. Jon Zonderman and Dr. Laurel Shader

Please accept our apologies and sincere thanks if we have omitted your name or company from our list of member firms and donors or spelled it wrong. If there are any typographical errors, please notify us at so we can correct the error. We appreciate everyone who supports the programs and services offered at New Haven Legal Assistance.

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