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2023 Annual Report

Dear Supporters,

This year at New Haven Legal Assistance Association, we’ve covered even more ground on the mission to secure justice for and to protect the rights of Greater New Haven’s residents than ever before.

Across the country, we have seen fundamental rights be stripped from the most vulnerable groups among us. Access to abortion in parts of the country is near impossible, gender affirming care is under constant attack, and the end of affirmative action will disproportionately affect the futures’ of Black and Brown students. The fabric of our democracy is threatened by these ongoing injustices.

But here in New Haven, NHLAA has repeatedly stood up for our clients’ rights. We’ve ensured that immigration policies equally apply to every resident; we’ve built a deeper understanding of parents’ rights in the education system; we have helped countless tenants avoid eviction; we continue to protect access to social services and so much more.

For decades, we have been honored to serve the people of Greater New Haven and we know our work isn’t done.

NHLAA was one of the first legal services programs established, incorporated on April 7, 1964, and the federal government used it as a model for similar programs throughout the country. We are an office of attorneys, paralegals, and legal secretaries committed to protecting the rights and improving the lives of our client communities. Many of our staff have been with NHLAA for more than twenty years.

As we enter our 60th year, we remain committed to our mission and to every resident who may be unable to engage legal counsel on their own. Whether dealing with housing and eviction issues or seeking accessible and easy-to-understand legal aid, we know our work is rooted in our long-standing dedication to this community.

To our clients, supporters, friends, and community, we are grateful to have your unwavering support for the work we do. Without you, none of it would be possible.

As we begin our year-long celebration of 60 years of service to you, we look back on our history as a badge of honor and we look ahead to even more meaningful work.

Thank you,

Alexis Smith
Executive Director