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Ensuring everyone has fair and equal access to our justice system is at the core of our values at New Haven Legal Assistance. Over the last year, we continued our commitment to providing high quality individualized legal representation to clients who faced eviction; loss of income and benefits; increased incidents of domestic and family violence; denial of access to education; and separation of families.

The COVID-19 health crisis has laid to bare the impact our country’s systems and structures have on our client community. To that end, in addition to providing individual legal assistance, we greatly value our partnerships in the community that allow us to build power and effect systemic changes. Throughout the year, we collaborated with the People’s Collaborative for Diversity, which bring together individuals living in the Dixwell neighborhood. Their mission is “to inform and effect change in the development, revitalization, and planning of Dixwell. Keeping Dixwell’s legacy alive and building a more just and equitable future.” NHLAA is also partner in the Connecticut Coalition for Immigrant Freedom, where we collaborate with local community based organizations to represent immigrants in detention and facing deportation. Our collaborative combines legal help and case management services to clients seeking asylum and other forms of immigration relief. This work allows us to raise awareness about the impact of federal law enforcement and the immigration legal systems.

Your continued support allows us to continue to use our legal advocacy skills to help achieve solutions to community-identified issues.

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