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Spring Appeal

April, 2024

Dear Friends and Supporters,

On April 7th, we marked a significant milestone: 60 years of dedicated service to the place many of us proudly call home and the community that surrounds us. 

Amidst the blossoming of spring, I am filled with immense gratitude as I reflect on the journey and work of New Haven Legal Assistance Association (NHLAA) over these past 60 years—your critical support has been the bedrock upon which our organization has flourished, evolving into a beacon of hope and direct lifeline for many in our communities.

New Haven county alone is home to nearly one million people, and it has been both an honor and a duty for NHLAA to stand in solidarity with our community members, advocating for their rights and offering high-quality legal services. However, our impact would be diminished without your steadfast commitment to our cause.

In a landscape where the scales of justice often tip against the marginalized, our mission to bridge the gap remains paramount. Studies reveal that a staggering 92% of low-income Americans facing civil legal issues lack adequate assistance. This disparity disproportionately affects marginalized groups including people of color, women, immigrants, the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ community. 

As we look ahead, the essence of our work remains unchanged: to ensure equitable access to justice for all. With each donation, each act of solidarity, you bolster our efforts and affirm our shared vision for a fairer society.

I hope you’ll join us for one, if not all, of our events this year to celebrate our 60th year. Please check out our website, www.nhlegal.org, for the latest information about our events. I also hope you’ll consider contributing to help us continue our work and meet the significant needs of the moment.

With appreciation,

Alexis H. Smith

Executive Director